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Our main goal is to facilitate the management of your international employees' benefits with our corporates’ tools and services: simple, intuitive and convenient.
1. Take advantage of our support in the definition of your employee benefits’ strategy
Through a 360 ° consulting approach, we are able to build with you tailor-made benefits for your globally mobile employees with assorted customized services: healthcare, death and disability, medical assistance and repatriation, critical illness, business travel insurance, personal third-party liability and , retirement … If needed, we can provide you with benchmarks conducted by us in your industry.
2. Benefit from our expertise on compliance issues
We can help you integrate key international compliance issues in your program, including visa regulations, health regulations, insurance regulations, data privacy, financial reporting and anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws (as provided by the United Nations, the Office of Foreign Assets Control or the European Union). Our in-house experts will share their studies and recommendations with you on these key topics on request.
3. Ensure that your employees have access to an extensive, high quality medical network
Our medical network is made up of top level healthcare providers all over the world. As a member, your employees have access to each of these providers wherever they may be. Each of these health providers has been classified according to their specialties, spoken languages and level of contracting with MSH. Your employees can use the MSH application, or log-in online through their member space to geo-localize the medical provider closest to them.
4. Provide your employees with mobile digital tools to manage their health
As soon as they've downloaded the MSH mobile app, your globally mobile employees will be able to check their reimbursements online and submit their claims by taking a picture of their medical supporting documentation. They will also be able to plan their medical appointments using the health directory and access their own healthcare data in their personalized health records. Thanks to our medical network, they will always be able to geolocate a healthcare professional nearby, wherever they are in the world.
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