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We have been providing health insurance solutions to global citizens for more than 45 years and fully understand your needs and those of your employees. With a dedicated team of experts made up of more than 60 different nationalities, we give you confidence wherever life takes you.
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As an advisory broker, MSH represents each of its clients independently
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With our top level medical professional network at their fingertips, your employees have access to the best healthcare providers across the globe
Our Story
Building confidence for over 45 years
Formed in 1974, MSH INTERNATIONAL initially set out to provide support to the globally-mobile employees of large French businesses through the delivery of dedicated group insurance solutions (Previnter).
We acquire OCI-ASFE and start offering insurance solutions to individuals living outside their country of origin.
We acquire European Benefits Administrators, the specialists in third-party administration of benefit plans for internationally mobile employees and offer new services to international companies with self-insured plans, insurance professionals wishing to outsource the management of their plans and local populations in countries where the healthcare system is inadequate.
The enterprising creation of MSH DUBAI in the United Arab Emirates allows the company to cover the whole of the Middle East and Africa.
With the globalization of economies, people and trade, MSH INTERNATIONAL diversifies its worldwide presence through the acquisition of Norfolk Mobility Benefits, a Canadian company based in Calgary providing the same service across the American continent.
Shanghai Tai Kai is purchased and renamed MSH CHINA to take responsibility for the Asia-Pacific zone.
MSH INTERNATIONAL reinforces its position in Asia with the acquisition of Expat Insurance.
MSH International enters the IPMI market in Germany with the acquisition of BDAE and strengthens its position in the Americas with the acquisition of Imagine and Intrepid 24/7 in Toronto.
MSH International opens a regional headquarters in Tunis to support its local customers in their local development, thus consolidating its presence as a major player in the Middle East and Africa.
Grouped together under the name MSH INTERNATIONAL, we have covered over 400,000 lives worldwide and are now supporting a new generation of global citizens out of our 5 regional head offices in Toronto, Paris, Tunis, Dubai and Shanghai.
Business case: the importance of a second opinion

Martin, aged 46, left Germany to work for the subsidiary of a European luxury business in Singapore. He was suffering from serious back pain and the local specialist in a private clinic advised him to have surgery immediately. The MSH medical team got in touch as soon as they received his hospitalization request to inform him that surgery may not be necessary. They sent him an email with detailed information about lumbar spine surgery and after several discussions with them based on his medical history, he decided to get a second opinion from a well-known European back specialist. It turned out that surgery was not required and he was prescribed a complete re-education program including physiotherapy and physical exercises instead. MSH is not just an international insurance expert, it's a global health partner.
Business case: high-risk pregnancy handled from the outset

Ines, a 37 year-old woman from Spain, was working for the subsidiary of a leading global energy company in Mozambique when she discovered she was expecting twins. She informed MSH and her case was treated as an emergency. The team immediately put her in touch with MSH’s medical director who suggested she gave birth in South Africa or back home in Spain. She decided to give birth at the specialized clinic in South Africa recommended by the medical director and stayed in touch with the MSH medical team throughout her pregnancy. Everything went smoothly and Ines and her babies are doing well.
Business case: insurance scam proven by MSH

During an all too rare analysis of the health insurance data provided by its current service provider, a NASDAQ company identified a fraud incident involving employee abuse. The company asked MSH to look at all reimbursements made to employees by their current provider in detail. Using data-mining techniques, MSH analyzed the frequency of reimbursements, the existence of multiple reimbursements and the global coherence of the data. Thanks to their long experience and expertise, the MSH team were able to compare the results against medical usual and customary (U&C) prices - and the case of fraud became clear.
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