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We understand how you work
We have been providing health insurance solutions to global citizens for more than 45 years and fully understand your needs and those of your staff members. With a dedicated team of experts made up of more than 60 different nationalities, we give you confidence wherever life takes you.
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As an advisory broker, MSH represents each of its clients independently
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We listen closely to you to clearly identify your competitive environment and pinpoint your needs
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Our flexible offers and tailor-made services are designed to manage your specific requirements
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We give you full access to all our financial reports and renewal conditions
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Always ready to help you and your staff members in your language, our multinational team answers 95% of calls within 15 seconds
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With our top level medical professional network at their fingertips, your staff members have access to the best healthcare providers across the globe
Our Story
Building confidence for over 45 years
Formed in 1974, MSH INTERNATIONAL initially set out to provide support to the globally-mobile employees of large French businesses through the delivery of dedicated group insurance solutions (Previnter).
We acquire OCI-ASFE and start offering insurance solutions to individuals living outside their country of origin.
We acquire European Benefits Administrators, the specialists in third-party administration of benefit plans for internationally mobile employees and offer new services to international companies with self-insured plans, insurance professionals wishing to outsource the management of their plans and local populations in countries where the healthcare system is inadequate.
The enterprising creation of MSH DUBAI in the United Arab Emirates allows the company to cover the whole of the Middle East and Africa.
With the globalization of economies, people and trade, MSH INTERNATIONAL diversifies its worldwide presence through the acquisition of Norfolk Mobility Benefits, a Canadian company based in Calgary providing the same service across the American continent.
Shanghai Tai Kai is purchased and renamed MSH CHINA to take responsibility for the Asia-Pacific zone.
MSH INTERNATIONAL reinforces its position in Asia with the acquisition of Expat Insurance.
MSH International enters the IPMI market in Germany with the acquisition of BDAE and strengthens its position in the Americas with the acquisition of Imagine and Intrepid 24/7 in Toronto.
MSH International opens a regional headquarters in Tunis to support its local customers in their local development, thus consolidating its presence as a major player in the Middle East and Africa.
Grouped together under the name MSH INTERNATIONAL, we have covered over 400,000 lives worldwide and are now supporting a new generation of global citizens out of our 5 regional head offices in Toronto, Paris, Tunis, Dubai and Shanghai.
Staff members stories
Staff member story: post-trauma psychological support

Antonella, a 23 year-old Italian volunteer, was on a humanitarian mission for an NGO in Uganda when it happened. During an outbreak of violence on the street, she saw people dying before her very eyes, including one of her closest friends and colleagues - a 27 year-old Norwegian. Antonella was in a serious state of shock. MSH and their partner EutelMed immediately put a psychological support unit in place to help her and all the other young people on the site. They also provided support for the victim's family in Norway and for staff members in Switzerland where this big international NGO is based. It's small consolation, but their help was invaluable and their reactivity second to none.
Staff member story: controlling pharmaceutical costs

Anton, an Austrian employee of a medium-sized international organization based in Geneva needed long and very expensive treatment in Switzerland. His employer contacted MSH to see if there was anyway to control the cost, as it would have a big impact on the organization's results. Thanks to its international network of health professionals, MSH found a French pharmacy, based very close to Geneva, that offered the same treatment for 40% less. Anton's treatment was paid by the organization in full, with minimum impact on their results.
Staff member story: Health coaching initiative for staff members

Fernando, the 61 year-old Argentina HR director of an international organization, wanted to put a health initiative in place as part of the organization's social responsibility program. He asked MSH to develop a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) that staff members could access via their MSH client space. Within less than a month, all staff members were able to complete a health questionnaire on line and receive personalized recommendations including coaching programs and incentives to meet their goals.
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Access the best healthcare providers across the globe wherever you may be. Use the MSH mobile app or login to your member space online to find the medical facility or health professional nearest to you - our network is at your fingertips.
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