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The importance of a second opinion
Martin, aged 46, left Germany to work for the subsidiary of a European luxury business in Singapore. He was suffering from serious back pain and the local specialist in a private clinic advised him to have surgery immediately. The MSH medical team got in touch as soon as they received his hospitalization request to inform him that surgery may not be necessary. They sent him an email with detailed information about lumbar spine surgery and after several discussions with them based on his medical history, he decided to get a second opinion from a well-known European back specialist. It turned out that surgery was not required and he was prescribed a complete re-education program including physiotherapy and physical exercises instead. MSH is not just an international insurance expert, it's a global health partner.
The adventures of a future mother
Wikje, aged 31, fell pregnant while working for the subsidiary of a French car company in Colombia. It was her first baby and she was worried about giving birth so far away from her home in Holland. As soon as she announced her pregnancy to MSH, she was integrated into their maternity program. She received a detailed Maternity Guide and then a dedicated member of the MSH medical team called her to advise her on the best hospitals to give birth in locally - in terms of both costs and the quality of the care. Tim was born and received a Welcome Baby Pack from MSH and a nurse visited them mother and baby at home. Wikje was delighted with the care she received and would have no qualms about giving birth in Columbia again!
Support at a distance made all the difference!
When Amy, a 33 year-old American, moved to Saudi Arabia with her husband Clive when he was hired as a professor by a big international education group, the cultural shock was immense. She felt extremely lonely and isolated and couldn't stop thinking about returning to the UK. One day, while browsing through her MSH client space, she discovered she could benefit from video-consultations with a certified psychologist in the EutelMed network. After several exchanges with a psychologist of mixed British and Oriental heritage, she began to feel better. Gradually, she found a new sense of balance and decided not to return to the UK after all. Relieved, her husband was now able to fully invest himself in his new role - much to the delight of his employer.
High-risk pregnancy handled from the outset
Ines, a 37 year-old woman from Spain, was working for the subsidiary of a leading global energy company in Mozambique when she discovered she was expecting twins. She informed MSH and her case was treated as an emergency. The team immediately put her in touch with MSH’s medical director who suggested she gave birth in South Africa or back home in Spain. She decided to give birth at the specialized clinic in South Africa recommended by the medical director and stayed in touch with the MSH medical team throughout her pregnancy. Everything went smoothly and Ines and her babies are doing well.
Insurance scam proven by MSH
During an all too rare analysis of the health insurance data provided by its current service provider, a NASDAQ company identified a fraud incident involving employee abuse. The company asked MSH to look at all reimbursements made to employees by their current provider in detail. Using data-mining techniques, MSH analyzed the frequency of reimbursements, the existence of multiple reimbursements and the global coherence of the data. Thanks to their long experience and expertise, the MSH team were able to compare the results against medical usual and customary (U&C) prices - and the case of fraud became clear.
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