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Our package includes the necessary coverage and services for you and your staff members

A highly modulable packaged offer

A highly modulable packaged offer

Our flexible, personalized benefits include healthcare, AD&D, assistance/repatriation, critical illness, business travel insurance, civil liability and retirement.

Solid benefits and services

Solid benefits and services

We ensure that your staff members benefit from high level coverage in Hospitalization, Routine and Preventive medicine and Dental & Vision care with a full range of services.

Simplified membership and easy contract management

Simplified membership and easy contract management

Simply enroll online in a few clicks and manage your staff members' benefits on a daily basis via your Employer's Area.

Efficient healthcare cost control over time

Efficient healthcare cost control over time

We prioritize the quality of care delivered to your staff members while ensuring healthcare cost control.


Our members services make the job easy:

Get support to define your staff members benefits’ strategy

Benefit from our expertise on compliance issues

Ensure staff members access to an extensive, high quality medical network

Provide staff members with mobile digital tools to manage their health

See all members services for your staff members

Staff members stories

We support international organizations everywhere

Staff member story: post-trauma psychological support

Antonella, a 23 year-old Italian volunteer, was on a humanitarian mission for an NGO in Uganda when it happened. During an outbreak of violence on the street, she saw people dying before her very eyes, including one of her closest friends and colleagues - a 27 year-old Norwegian. Antonella was in a serious state of shock. MSH and their partner EutelMed immediately put a psychological support unit in place to help her and all the other young people on the site. They also provided support for the victim's family in Norway and for staff members in Switzerland where this big international NGO is based. It's small consolation, but their help was invaluable and their reactivity second to none.
Staff member story: controlling pharmaceutical costs

Anton, an Austrian employee of a medium-sized international organization based in Geneva needed long and very expensive treatment in Switzerland. His employer contacted MSH to see if there was anyway to control the cost, as it would have a big impact on the organization's results. Thanks to its international network of health professionals, MSH found a French pharmacy, based very close to Geneva, that offered the same treatment for 40% less. Anton's treatment was paid by the organization in full, with minimum impact on their results.
Staff member story: Health coaching initiative for staff members

Fernando, the 61 year-old Argentina HR director of an international organization, wanted to put a health initiative in place as part of the organization's social responsibility program. He asked MSH to develop a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) that staff members could access via their MSH client space. Within less than a month, all staff members were able to complete a health questionnaire on line and receive personalized recommendations including coaching programs and incentives to meet their goals.


Over 40 years' experience gives us an edge

Expertise: solid experience acquired with large international businesses and organisations

Proximity: close at hand and culturally sensitive to your staff members and their families

Cost control: the ability to control your healthcare expenses over time


Got a question? We've got the answers!

In what way is MSH a genuine healthcare partner?

1/ We support your staff members from the outset via prevention fact sheets and country guides. We help them assess their own health risks through wellness programs and organize health check-ups prior to departure. We also provide psychological support at a distance.
2/ We optimize the medical care of your staff members through specific support programs including an emergency management process with an Interactive Voice System, pregnancy follow-up care, management of scheduled hospitalizations and a second medical opinion service.
3/ By giving your staff members access to a worldwide network of top quality healthcare professionals via the MSH mobile app or members' area or by 'phone 24/7.

How does MSH help control healthcare costs?

1/ Thanks to our efficient medical network team, we can make contracts with listed healthcare providers, offer medical referrals, find local correspondents and provide in-depth analysis of local billing as well as regular audits of service providers.
2/ We have specific procedures for dealing with complex and/or expensive treatment including high claims, scheduled hospitalization and pharmaceutical cost control processes.
3/ We help manage and prevent fraud and abuse through our dedicated fraud unit, internal audits of claims, data-mining, strict control and training & awareness.

Can I see some key figures for MSH International?

- 4 regional head offices (Toronto, Paris, Dubai, Shanghai) and 17 local service offices across the world.
- 1,050 employees by MSH and 2,850 employees by S2H (mother company of MSH)
- 40 languages spoken and +60 nationalities among MSH employees
- +400 000 MSH insured members in 194 countries and 2,500,000 S2H insured members (mother company of MSH)
- +300 M€ in annual reimbursements
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