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Our package includes all the coverage and services you need for you and your employees

Medical support for your employees

Medical support for your employees

We provide preventative actions, emergency medical support, hospitalization, maternity programs and a second medical opinion.

Specific management in serious cases

Specific management in serious cases

Our medical teams inform and guide your employees when they are in need, wherever they are.

Efficient management of health expenses

Efficient management of health expenses

We place a strong focus on healthcare cost containment while ensuring the quality of care delivered to your employees.

Value-added services

Value-added services

We provide you with tailor-made, user-friendly reporting tools, highly secure IT architecture and CSR policy in line with your priorities.


Simplify the healthcare of your employees wherever they are

Our members services make the job easy:

Take advantage of our support in the definition of your employee benefits’ strategy

Benefit from our expertise on compliance issues

Ensure that your employees have access to an extensive and high quality medical network

Provide your employees with mobile digital tools to manage their health



See how we can support your business

Business case: support at a distance made all the difference!

When Amy, a 33 year-old American, moved to Saudi Arabia with her husband Clive when he was hired as a professor by a big international education group, the cultural shock was immense. She felt extremely lonely and isolated and couldn't stop thinking about returning to the US. One day, while browsing through her MSH client space, she discovered she could benefit from video-consultations with a certified psychologist in the EutelMed network. After several exchanges with a psychologist of mixed American and Oriental heritage, she began to feel better. Gradually, she found a new sense of balance and decided not to return to the US after all. Relieved, her husband was now able to fully invest himself in his new role - much to the delight of his employer.
Business case: high-risk pregnancy handled from the outset

Ines, a 37 year-old woman from Spain, was working for the subsidiary of a leading global energy company in Mozambique when she discovered she was expecting twins. She informed MSH and her case was treated as an emergency. The team immediately put her in touch with MSH’s medical director who suggested she gave birth in South Africa or back home in Spain. She decided to give birth at the specialized clinic in South Africa recommended by the medical director and stayed in touch with the MSH medical team throughout her pregnancy. Everything went smoothly and Ines and her babies are doing well.
Business case: insurance scam proven by MSH

During an all too rare analysis of the health insurance data provided by its current service provider, a NASDAQ company identified a fraud incident involving employee abuse. The company asked MSH to look at all reimbursements made to employees by their current provider in detail. Using data-mining techniques, MSH analyzed the frequency of reimbursements, the existence of multiple reimbursements and the global coherence of the data. Thanks to their long experience and expertise, the MSH team were able to compare the results against medical usual and customary (U&C) prices - and the case of fraud became clear.


Over 40 years' experience gives us an edge

Our clients include numerous Fortune 500 companies and some of the biggest international organisations in the world

We are a group of entrepreneurs created for entrepreneurs

We are able to control the healthcare costs of your company over time


Got a question? We've got the answers!

In what way is MSH a genuine healthcare partner?

1/ We support your employees from the outset via prevention fact sheets and country guides. We help them assess their own health risks through wellness programs and organize health check-ups prior to departure. We also provide psychological support at a distance.

2/ We optimize the medical care of your employees through specific support programs including an emergency management process with an Interactive Voice System, pregnancy follow-up care, management of scheduled hospitalizations and a second medical opinion service.

3/ By giving your employees access to a worldwide network of top quality healthcare professionals via the MSH mobile app or members' area or by 'phone 24/7.

How does MSH help control healthcare costs?

1/ Thanks to our efficient medical network team, we can make contracts with listed healthcare providers, offer medical referrals, find local correspondents and provide in-depth analysis of local billing as well as regular audits of service providers.

2/ We have specific procedures for dealing with complex and/or expensive treatment including high claims, scheduled hospitalization and pharmaceutical cost control processes.

3/ We help manage and prevent fraud and abuse through our dedicated fraud unit, internal audits of claims, data-mining, strict control and training & awareness.

What added-value services does MSH offer?

1/ We support you with user-friendly, tailor-made reporting tools such as @viator to help you monitor the key healthcare consumption indicators of your employees.

2/ Our IT environment is highly secure to ensure the safety of all your personal and professional data, online exchanges and medical confidentiality.

3/ Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy is designed to meet your priorities. MSH is a member of the United Global Compact and has partnerships with the GoodPlanet Foundation & l'Arrondi Solidaire (a voluntary donation collection scheme) - and we promote eco-friendly habits among our own employees on a daily basis.

Other products

Oil & Gas & Mining

The energy industry is a complex sector, increasingly affected by environmental concerns. Our specialists will help you design a stringent risk management policy to meet your needs


As a shipper, ship-builder or ship-owner, your business is developing in a constantly changing environment. We help you define the scope of your needs and insure your company and employees accordingly

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