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A doctor always by your side thanks to teleconsultation services


Moving abroad is a great adventure! Whether it be for a few months or for several years, you will experience lots of happy discoveries. However, going abroad may also be a source of concern, especially regarding your medical follow-up. Yet there are solutions easily available to assist you at any time during your expatriation.

Benefits of teleconsultation services with MSH

You get advice on choosing a specialist depending on your illness or condition

You can benefit from an explanation of the doctor’s diagnosis in your mother tongue

You obtain a second medical opinion from well-known specialists

You can make an appointment with the same specialist for medical follow-up

You have access to specialists at any time and wherever you are

Premium service

In order to assist you in the best possible way during your time abroad, MSH has partnered with 2 specialists in medical teleconsultations to provide you with a quality service: 
  • Teladoc (worldwide leader in telemedicine)
  • Eutelmed (worldwide specialist in mental health)

Our exclusive partnership gives you access to remote consultation services with health professionals:
  • qualified and experienced practitioners
  • specialized in many fields (physical health, mental health, quality of life at work, health check-up…)
  • in the language of your choice
  • in complete confidentiality

These remote consultations are reimbursed just like any other consultation: reimbursement is the same as for physical consultations and is processed according to the benefits included in your international health insurance.

Whether it’s for a fever, a worrisome mole, or to talk to a psychologist…

Our teleconsultation service is included in all our offers!


How does teleconsultation work?

  • Wherever you are and at any time, benefit from confidential video consultations with experienced practitioners specialized in many medical fields: general medicine, dermatology, cardiology, psychiatry or speech therapy.
  • In just a few clicks, you can receive answers to questions about your health, medical advice or an opinion or diagnosis.
  • All practitioners are qualified, experienced, and trained to provide remote consultations. They strictly comply with the ethical and professional standards governing their practice. They are entitled to deliver international prescriptions and medical certificates, in accordance with local legislation.
  • Thanks to an international network covering all time zones, you can easily schedule your consultations when it suits you, avoiding any geographical constraints.


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