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Benefits of the MSH Network for healthcare providers

Over 500 000 insured members with an MSH plan

Over 500 000 insured members with an MSH plan

For healthcare providers, MSH represents a large volume of patients all over the world.

Direct billing system to automatically cover health costs

Direct billing system to automatically cover health costs

A powerful argument to convince and retain more than 500,000 beneficiaries of MSH benefits throughout the world.

Increased visibility thanks to the MSH Medical Network

Increased visibility thanks to the MSH Medical Network

Thanks to the tools offered by MSH, the quality of our healthcare professionals is visible to all.

Rapid payment and a dedicated regional MSH team

Rapid payment and a dedicated regional MSH team

Maintaining a close, fluid relationship between the healthcare providers of our network and us is a priority at MSH.


A large network

A large network

Join a large medical network of more than 105,000 carefully selected providers in 174 countries and more than 1 Million providers in the USA and access to quality healthcare worldwide.


Easy access to MSH healthcare providers worldwide

Facilitating the international management of our members' daily health. It's simple, intuitive and convenient

The MSH mobile app to geolocalise the healthcare professionals of our network

An MSH membership card to facilitate access to direct billing payment

An MSH member space allowing access to a top level medical network



4 good reasons to choose MSH

A network in constant development according to our clients' needs, in terms of both services and location

Geographical and cultural proximity to our partners thanks to global and localised organisation

Powerful visibility of healthcare providers referenced by MSH, on the app, website and in the member space

The value of working with a worldwide leader in international insurance


Business case: the best pediatrician for Amy

John and his family are based in France. He and his anxious wife are looking for a good pediatrician in Lyon, for their young child Amy, aged 1, who needs regular medical following up. As they do not sufficiently master the French language, they are exclusively looking for an english-speaking pediatrician. Thanks to the MSH mobile app, they were able to quickly geolocate all pediatricians referenced by MSH who are speaking English in the immediate vicinity of their home.
Business case: the right decision

Inge is living in Argentina. Unhappy with her previous health insurance provider, Inge decided in August 2016 to opt for MSH: "One of the best decisions I've made since I've been here", she says, "for the level of service and the breadth and quality of the network." Inge's insurance card is now recognized by the biggest and best hospitals in Buenos Aires. She even gets direct billing payment for simple hospital tests without needing prior agreement: "MSH makes life easy", says Inge.
Business case: they were there to help me find where to give birth

Sophia, a 33 year-old Italian awaits with Marco, her husband, their first child while they both reside in China. Through the MSH process of accompanying mothers-to-be, she was able to speak with a MSH network specialist to choose the best maternity ward in Wuhan, usually dealing with deliveries of expatriate young women. Completely reassured, she is now joyfully preparing for the arrival of baby.


October 5, 2022
2022 MSH-OpinionWay International Mobility Survey

Benchmark your strategy against leading companies in the face of new challenges

October 4, 2022
Laurent Jumelle joins MSH as Deputy Executive Director

Laurent Jumelle joins MSH, the world's leading provider of Health and Life & Disability insurance solutions to expatriates and international organizations, as Deputy Executive Director.

January 28, 2022
Project Carte Vitale: a change in the reimbursement of healthcare in France for joint CFE and MSH International members

The CFE (Caisse des Français de l'Etranger) and MSH International are offering the Carte Vitale to all their eligible joint members.