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The MSH app: your health partner abroad

An international app: choose one of the 7 languages available on the MSH app for easier browsing

Easy management: your claims and reimbursements accessible at any time

Simplified procedures: just take a picture of your proof of treatment to send your claim

Automated access: log on in 2 seconds using biometric authentication

A personalized app: manage your notification alerts to keep you updated on the latest news


The MSH app: designed to bring you the best

  • Send your claims: submit a new request for reimbursement in just a few clicks by simply taking a picture or uploading your proof of treatment and filling out the form.
  • Track your claims: access all your claims history. You will be notified if we need more information and for each new reimbursement.
  • Insurance card: access the personalized insurance card at any time for you and each of your dependents.
  • Country guides: learn more about your destination's culture and healthcare system with our country guides For each country, you also have access to the list of embassies and general information on safety and you can receive real-time alerts classified according to their degree of severity.
  • Medical library: read our comprehensive guide showing the common drugs and diseases.
  • Health records: save important medical information for you and your family members to always have it with you.

The MSH app: you just need to adopt it!


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