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Wherever you are, don’t forget your health check-up

Do you want to check your health? Do you want to check your health? As the saying goes: it’s better to be safe than sorry. MSH supports companies in their health prevention strategy with health check-ups for all staff members, whether they are locals or expatriates.

The MSH health check-up program is a pathway suited to each employee’s needs and risk factors, worldwide.

The advantages of the MSH health check-up:

Step-by-step support and regular follow-up

Tailored-made network of health check centers

Clear, single communication to all employees

Secure check-ups governed by confidentiality agreements

Tailored medical protocol

What is the purpose of health check-ups?

Detect latent diseases and monitor known ones

Identify employees’ risk factors, whether they are expatriates or not

Promote a healthy lifestyle among employees

Monitor the physical and mental health of each employee

Take care of the employees’ health through a committed prevention and well-being policy.

Any questions about health checkup? Discover our article!

Depending on the Health check-up chosen by the company, there are two protocols:

The All Staff health check-up:

A questionnaire to be completed online

A face-to-face health check-up based on the results of the online questionnaire

Further follow-up if necessary or if a disease has been detected

The Expatriate health check-up:

Online notification and appointment for your health check-up

A face-to-face health check-up before or during expatriation

Health check-up results available online and fit to work certificate provided to your employer

Discover the All Staff MSH health check-up on video

Already member?

Choose one of the health centers belonging to the MSH network to benefit from secure, simplified procedure.

Every year, the Argus d'Or awards recognize the best innovations in the insurance sector. In 2024, MSH was awarded the prize for its “All Staff” Health Check-Up offer in the Personal Insurance/Corporate Health and Life Insurance category.
This award-winning innovation democratizes health check-ups for all company employees, based on a unique process combining digital and physical check-ups.
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