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International mobility and mental health:


Previnter provides all its members with access to ‘Caring By Eutelmed’, a new platform dedicated to mental health prevention for their expatriate employees


Faced with the challenge of mental health among globally-mobile employees of companies and international organizations, the Previnter association provides all its members with access to ‘Caring By Eutelmed’, a platform dedicated to psychosocial risk prevention and well-being for their expatriate employees.

50%* of workers will experience mental health issues in their lifetime and 20% are subject to mental health disorders at some point. As they are far from their ties and usual socio-cultural environment, globally-mobile employees are particularly at risk and require specific care adapted to their situation.

Since 2012, MSH and Previnter have been providing their insured members with access to teleconsultations with experienced mental health professionals, available in over 60 languages and cultures.

Convinced that well-being and mental health are major, growing public health issues, Previnter asked MSH - who designs and manages health and life & disability insurance solutions taken out by the Association - to develop, in partnership with Eutelmed, a new well-being and mental health prevention service, ‘Caring By Eutelmed’, for globally-mobile employees. This service is already available to the employees of the Previnter member companies, via their Members’ Area.

This multilingual digital platform offers wide-range and unique quality content and allows employees of the Previnter member companies to benefit from the following prevention services:
  • Get information on topics related to well-being and mental health, whether on work, personal life or work-life balance.
  • Learn about the challenges of quality of working life via fun and educational e-learning courses.
  • Self-assess using scientifically validated scales to measure stress, anxiety, sleep quality, etc.
  • Get advice and support via a 24/7 helpline available in 6 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Mandarin Chinese.
  • Get assistance from the Eutelmed international network of 350 psychologists and psychiatrists who offer in-depth face-to-face or remote consultations in over 150 countries.

“Committed to supporting companies and international organizations in their psychosocial risk prevention policy among globally-mobile employees and to promote their quality of working life, the Association has decided to provide all of the expatriate employees covered by Previnter with full access to the ‘Caring by Eutelmed’ platform,” says Thierry Hontabat, Crédit Agricole SA Group, Chairman of the Previnter Association.

About Previnter: Previnter is an independent association whose mission is to promote, arrange and administer benefits for the globally-mobile employees of its member companies. Since 1974, the Association has been providing its members, in collaboration with its partners, with innovative group insurance solutions for health, life & disability, assistance, third-party liability and retirement.

About MSH: a subsidiary of Diot-Siaci, MSH is a world leader in the design and management of international health and life & disability insurance solutions for globally-mobile individuals. Its services are intended for employees of multinationals, mid-caps and SMEs, staff members of international organizations, individual expatriates and local high-net-worth individuals in need of international insurance coverage.

About Eutelmed: Eutelmed is a company specialized in the promotion of well-being and mental health in the workplace. From prevention to care, including assessment, training, crisis management and psychological support, Eutelmed provides its clients with remote or face-to-face assistance in every step, worldwide and in over 60 languages.

* Data from the WHO (World Health Organization)
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