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MSH, a subsidiary of the Diot-Siaci Group, appoints a new Director of Healthcare Management, Dr. David Nguyen, from the American Hospital in Neuilly-sur-Seine

Paris, October 11 – From December 1, 2023, MSH's Healthcare Management Division will be headed by Dr David Nguyen, previously Medical Coordinator at the American Hospital in Neuilly-sur-Seine.

A former hospital practitioner specializing in emergency medicine, David Nguyen worked at International SOS for 15 years, holding the positions of Travel Assistance Physician, Coordinating Physician and then Deputy Medical Director.

He succeeds Dr. Annie Peytavin, who has been instrumental in establishing the excellence of MSH's medical advice to its clients and partners. Dr. Annie Peytavin will ensure a smooth transition and continue to contribute her expertise to MSH's many healthcare development projects.

MSH, a subsidiary of Diot-Siaci and a leader in the brokerage and management of international health and life & disability insurance, takes care of its clients by offering them customized coverage and guaranteeing them access to a global medical network and premium healthcare services.

Frédéric Grand, Managing Director of MSH, said: "Today, the quality of MSH's care management is recognized by our clients/patients. Their expectations are high and motivate us to provide them with the best possible service.

Increasingly, their needs are multi-faceted: while we need to be there for them in difficult times and emergencies, our patients want a holistic approach to healthcare, including preventive medicine, a personalized care pathway, and even the ability to offer them new therapeutic approaches.

At the same time, our medical expertise is needed more than ever to control costs  and provide efficient access routes for patients. I am delighted that David Nguyen has joined us in this context. David will work alongside Amandine Giraud, Deputy Executive Director, to strengthen MSH's healthcare strategy."