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2021 MSH-OpinionWay International Mobility Survey

We just carried out a survey in March in collaboration with the OpinionWay research and polling institute on the impacts of COVID-19 on International Mobility policies of leading companieswith large mobile employee populations.
Thursday April 8, we shared with you the key findings of this study, with Meriadec Blégent, Director of the Services Marketing Department at OpinionWay, Florence Bequet-Abdou, Senior Director at PwC Société d'Avocats and member of the Professional Committee of the Cercle Magellan and Frédéric Van Roekeghem, Executive Director at MSH International. 

“2021 MSH-OpinionWay International Mobility Survey” Webinar

  • What strategy for adapting International Mobility policies to new challenges
  • Impacts of the pandemic on corporate social and societal responsibility
  • Feedback from participants on the findings of the survey

About the speakers:

Florence Bequet-Abdou
Lawyer at the Hauts-de-Seine Bar, Florence Bequet-Abdou - Senior Director at PwC Société d'Avocats - has extensive expertise in the field of international mobility of people and organizations. She is a member of the Professional Committee of the Cercle Magellan and teaches on the Magellan Institute’s MBA social protection course.

Meriadec Blégent
Former Founder of Nomen Research, an institute specializing in Branding & Communication (Nomen group) and former director of the Technologies and Media department of the LH2 institute, Meriadec Blégent is now Director of the Services Marketing Department at OpinionWay, and Brand & Digital branding Consulting Director.

Frédéric Van Roekeghem
Frédéric Van Roekeghem headed the French Minister's Office of Health and Solidarity during the 2004 health reform. Between 2004 and 2014, he headed the French National Health Insurance Fund (Caisse nationale de l'Assurance Maladie), before joining MSH International as Executive Director in 2014. He is a free member of the French National Academy of Medicine.