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A successful return to work, the importance of the psychological aspects

While all companies currently organize the “physical” return to work of their employees, the question arises of what happened during the lockdown period. Because taking into account (or not) the psychological experience of your employees during this special period will condition the success (or not) of return to work! The purpose of this webinar is to help you better understand these mechanisms, through very concrete examples and practical recommendations to be implemented.

Our experts discussed about:
  • What happened psychologically during lockdown period;
  • How should management adapt to the diversity of psychological situations experienced;
  • Global overview of best practices to be implemented, based on real cases already experienced;
  • Questions & Answers session.

Event date
The session took place on Thursday 25th of June.

Watch the replay

About our speakers
Dr Annie Peytavin, Chief Medical Officer - MSH International
Based in Paris, Dr. Peytavin is Chief Medical Officer of MSH International. She coordinates the activity of MSH medical teams (doctors and nurses), across its 5 regional head-offices, located in Toronto, Paris, Tunis, Dubai and Shanghai

Barbara Mattison, Senior Trainer, Psychotherapist - Eutelmed
For 20 years Barbara has been working with people and teams to develop their strengths in international situations. Born in the United States,having lived in the US, Canada, the UK and Algeria, she is a psychotherapist and senior trainer now based in Paris. Her interventions within organisations evolve mainly around management and team solutions, intercultural communication or international mobility.

Albane Giacon, Clinical Psychologist, Project Manager - Eutelmed
Albane Giacon is a psychologist, a psychosocial Risk consultant and a project manager at Eutelmed. She has been living and working in the US, China, India and France. Her expertise encompasses changes at work, stress and conflict management.