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We support small and medium enterprises based all over the world. Thanks to MSH ,all their employees benefit from insurance solutions that are totally adapted to their international health & protection needs. Discover their stories and learn how we take care of globally mobile employees helping to expand your business abroad.
The importance of a second opinion

The importance of a second opinion

Martin, aged 46, left Germany to work for the subsidiary of a European luxury business in Singapore. He was suffering from serious back pain and the local specialist in a private clinic advised him to have surgery immediately. The MSH medical team got in touch as soon as they received his hospitalization request to inform him that surgery may not be necessary. They sent him an email with detailed information about lumbar spine surgery and after several discussions with them based on his medical history, he decided to get a second opinion from a well-known European back specialist. It turned out that surgery was not required and he was prescribed a complete re-education program including physiotherapy and physical exercises instead. MSH is not just an international insurance expert, it's a global health partner.
The adventures of a future mother

The adventures of a future mother

Wikje, aged 31, fell pregnant while working for the subsidiary of a French car company in Colombia. It was her first baby and she was worried about giving birth so far away from her home in Holland. As soon as she announced her pregnancy to MSH, she was integrated into their maternity program. She received a detailed Maternity Guide and then a dedicated member of the MSH medical team called her to advise her on the best hospitals to give birth in locally - in terms of both costs and the quality of the care. Tim was born and received a Welcome Baby Pack from MSH and a nurse visited them mother and baby at home. Wikje was delighted with the care she received and would have no qualms about giving birth in Columbia again!
An emergency for an expat child

An emergency for an expat child

Antoine, a 51 year-old advertising executive from France, works at the Shanghai office of a well-known British communications agency. One day, his 5 year-old daughter fell and cut her elbow and urgently needed stitches. Antoine immediately rushed her to the nearest big Chinese hospital, but he had no idea how he was going to find his way around and make himself understood. Thankfully, he spotted the MSH corner in the foyer as soon as he arrived - and it made everything easy: the MSH advised him in English and made sure his daughter was given the best possible care.
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