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Corporate health services

We aim to contribute, over the long term, to the development of your company's economic and social performance.

Experts and operational know how

Our promise

A close relationship between our consulting team, our industry experts and our dedicated account managers

Clients that include numerous Fortune 500 companies and some of the biggest international organisations in the world

Independence vis-à-vis insurance companies because of our status as a broker

Our service offerings

Audit of existing employee benefits solutions

Audit of existing employee benefits solutions

Analyze of your employee benefits programs in each country where you have employees.

Benchmarks within your industry

Benchmarks within your industry

Comparative analysis of the solutions you have in place with others in your industry.

Optimization recommendations for existing plans

Optimization recommendations for existing plans

Recommendations for improvement, adjustment, harmonization and optimization of existing solutions.

Guidance on compliance

Guidance on compliance

Guidance on all compliance issues, including health/insurance/visa regulation changes, data privacy, financial & reporting, anti-bribery/anti-corruption laws.

Business Cases

Business case: at last, a global audit of employee benefits!

A multinational company in the construction sector had incorporated, during years of growth and successive acquisitions, a whole range of different employee benefits solutions. Now they wanted to rationalize and harmonize them to be consistent in all regions. MSH produced a global audit of all the employee benefits solutions in the group as well as a benchmark of solutions offered by competitors in the same domain. Following this in-depth analysis came MSH's independent recommendation: a global employee benefits plan, consistent within the group and coherent with the sector of activity.
Business case: transparency is everything

Brian is a 54 year-old Englishman and Director of International Mobility at big German industrial group. He wanted to compare the results of his Employee Benefits Insurance Scheme with the KPIs defined at the beginning - in total security. MSH gave him instant access to its online @viator tool with a login and password. The tool makes data visualization easy and Brian was able to adapt all his dashboard indicators to suit his needs and priorities, knowing that the results displayed would be held safely on a server in France.
Business case: an optimized insurance plan

A Fortune 500 business based in Switzerland were looking for a better insurance plan to cover their employees all over the world. The company was particularly interested in plans that could handle  compliance issues for employees based in Switzerland, the USA, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and the Netherlands. MSH's Compliance Team analyzed the all the best approaches for these destinations and simulated a range of different financial propositions and their final recommendations were swiftly adopted. 
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