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Inclusive Package

Inclusive Package

Our insurance package covers everything from healthcare to civil liability and includes medical assistance/repatriation too.

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24/7 Support

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Stress-Free Claims

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Emergency Care

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Why do I need specific coverage to live abroad?

If you're an expatriate (student, employee, self-employed, globetrotter or pensioner) and not just temporarily posted abroad, you will no longer be covered by your home country's healthcare system, and will probably have to contribute to the local healthcare system. However, this does not mean that your healthcare costs will be reimbursed at the same rate, or even that you will benefit from the same level of coverage when you return to your home country. The cost of healthcare varies considerably from country to country, and can be much higher than what you're used to paying at home.
If you only join the local social protection scheme in your country of expatriation, your reimbursements are likely to be limited or non-existent, and you won't be covered while traveling or when you return to your home country.
Is there insurance cover for lost luggage?

Luggage insurance is automatically included in our Start'Expat contract and covers you for the duration of your contract (not just when you're traveling to or from your country of expatriation).
Our other contracts do not systematically cover loss or theft of luggage, but this cover can of course be added as an option.
How can I take out an MSH contract?

You can take out an international health insurance policy online or by writing to us. Complete, date and sign the application form and medical questionnaire for yourself and your dependants, and send us the following documents:
  • the completed and signed application form,
  • the completed and signed medical questionnaire, together with additional medical information if you have answered yes to certain questions on the medical questionnaire,
  • a copy of your identity card or passport,
  • a RIB for your MSH health reimbursements,
  • an attestation from your previous health insurance and a summary of cover, in order to eliminate any waiting period (not applicable to Start'Expat),
  • a school leaving certificate for your children aged between 20 and 25 (not applicable to Start'Expat).
To pay your premium, you must send us a completed and signed direct debit authorization form (for French accounts only), or a completed and signed credit card authorization form, or a check payable to ASFE.
Why isn't my credit card insurance enough?

The medical assistance included with most credit cards is only valid for the first three months of your stay abroad. Care in progress or resulting from an accident will not be covered beyond this initial period, and may be excluded from insurance taken out after the event. Your credit card insurance may also include deductibles or consist of a simple advance payment.
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