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Are you moving abroad for 1 year or more, alone or with your family? Do you have a Social Security number? Take out health cover in addition to CFE!

You can become a member of the Caisse des Français de l’Etranger (CFE) to benefit from coverage similar to that provided by the French Social Security during your time abroad, and also to continue contributing to the French pension scheme.
Important: this first level of reimbursement may not cover all of your expenses, as healthcare costs vary greatly from one country to another and certain medical treatments or procedures are not included in the CFE coverage. To avoid any unpleasant surprises and benefit from protection suited to your particular needs, we offer you 4 levels of coverage as a top-up to the CFE and a system of flexible options.
Our unique partnership with the CFE makes your expat life easier:
  • one contact available 24/7,
  • reimbursements received within 4 days on average,
  • a 100% online experience.

What is Relais'Expat+ insurance?

Inclusive Coverage

Inclusive Coverage

Our comprehensive formulas cover you for everything and include medical assistance/repatriation too.

A "carte vitale" for your stays in France

A "carte vitale" for your stays in France

With Relais'Expat+, your Vitale card remains active and you can use it when you return to France!

CFE + MSH, 1 single request, 1 single reimbursement

CFE + MSH, 1 single request, 1 single reimbursement

Your CFE and RELAIS'EXPAT+ reimbursement requests are made directly on your MSH Insured Space and settled in a single payment.

Refunds processed within 3 days

Refunds processed within 3 days

Thanks to our partnership with CFE, your reimbursements are processed faster!

How does the Relais’Expat+ plan work?

In order to allow you to personalize your insurance coverage as much as possible according to your plans, our Relais'Expat+ solution offers different levels of benefits:

  • Hospi
  • Health
  • Health+
  • Health+Child

You can choose the benefits you want to include in your plan according to your needs.

For example, if you do not suffer from any dental problems, you do not have to add this benefit to your coverage.

A higher level of coverage includes the benefits of the previous level.

Why take out a complementary plan and not just the CFE?

By choosing MSH's Relais'Expat+ health insurance, you can:

Benefit from comprehensive healthcare coverage anywhere in the world, without having to pay in advance yourself

Adapt your cover to your needs (repatriation assistance, optical & dental ...)

Gather all your administrative formalities in a single space, as MSH manages the CFE part for you!

My guarantees

Your health benefits in detail

Our Relais'Expat+ offer allows you to be reimbursed in addition to the CFE. Would you prefer to be reimbursed from the 1st €/$ spent? Visit our First'Expat + offer!

Immediately and without obligation

My personalized rate


Download our Relais'Expat+ documents


Got a question? We've got the answers!

What do I need to do for my health to leave with total peace of mind?

To leave in the best conditions, we recommend that you do a global health check before you go. Updated vaccinations and dental checks are priorities but it's worth having a full medical checkup and getting a medical certificate to practice all sports too (like scuba-diving, for example). Remember to leave your contact details and policy number of your private health insurance with a member of your family or a friend, along with an address and number where you can be reached.
What is the minimum policy period?

All policies remain in effect for a minimum of six months - expect the Start'Expat plan, which can be purchased for 1 month only.
What do I do if I have a question when I'm already abroad?

As soon as you become a member, you will receive a personal insurance ID card with all our contact details. You can reach our multinational team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in 40 different languages or you can log into your member's area to file a claim, check your reimbursements or fill out a hospital precertification form within seconds.
Where can I find the names of qualified doctors, clinics and hospitals around the world?

As an MSH member, you will have access via your member's area to a global network of high level doctors and health facilities along with their contact details, languages spoken and key services, country by country or by specialty.
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