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I will be moving abroad for at least one year, on my own or with family: I need to find out what impact this has on my pension entitlements.

Are you or have you been sent by your employer as an expatriate to a foreign subsidiary or have you changed country during your career? You need to assess the consequences and the benefits of making voluntary contributions for you and your spouse. This will indeed have a significant impact on your pension.

What are effects of expatriation on your pension?

I have worked abroad for many years: how will these periods be counted in my (French or foreign) pension calculation? What are the benefits of making voluntary contributions to the French pension scheme? Can I accrue my pension entitlements?
These are some of the questions our pensions experts specializing in international careers can answer. With their assistance, you can identify the most appropriate and beneficial options for you and/or your employer.

Which is the best option for me?

We offer a range of services tailored to your situation and needs.


Together, we can identify your specific needs and the types of service that are right for you.



Discuss all the issues related to retirement with one of our experts for comprehensive answers in line with your situation.

Pension review

Pension review

A personalized review to provide information on your retirement conditions and to simulate your future French and foreign pension entitlements based on your career.



We assist you in compiling your application, submitting it to the relevant funds and following up on its processing.

Abroad for at least one year? What are the consequences for your pension? Which strategies are available to make this transition with peace of mind? We will answer all your questions about retirement abroad, before, during or after your expatriation.

Do you have questions? Read our FAQ section

Do the periods when I have worked abroad count towards my French pension?

In certain cases, periods worked abroad can be counted in the calculations for French pensions. This depends on several factors:
  • Whether or not voluntary pension contributions were made to one or more French funds.
  • The country of expatriation (whether or not there is a social security agreement with France).

Prior to your departure, it is important to find out what impact your expatriation will have on your future pension entitlements in France.
Can my French pension be paid to me if I am abroad?

Yes, you can receive your French pension in your country of expatriation. However, you will have to contact the pension funds each year to certify your situation. Without providing proof of existence, your pension will not be paid out. We advise you to plan ahead for this yearly requirement.
Should I be considering voluntary contributions?

To assess the cost and benefit of pension contributions to the CFE (Fund for French nationals abroad), you need to have good knowledge of the social security agreements applicable between France and the country of expatriation (bilateral or Community agreements, or no agreement). Voluntary contributions to the CFE can be used to accrue quarters of contributions for the calculation of French pension payment rates, periods of insurance and the average yearly income.
Once my French and/or foreign pension has been drawn, can I receive my French pension at the same time as income from work abroad? If so, under which conditions?

Yes, there are conditions under which you can be paid a French or foreign pension and income from work abroad concurrently. As regards retirement in France, one of these conditions is that the insured person has reached the statutory retirement age (which depends on your date of birth) and has requested their French pensions from all the relevant funds.
Do I need coverage for my spouse?

For expatriate employees in a relationship, the spouse must often leave their job in France. There are options for your spouse to make voluntary pension contributions under certain conditions. You can make contributions to the CFE pension fund as head of the household. Your situation dictates whether or not this contribution is appropriate.
Can I buy back quarters for periods abroad? What are the timeframes and conditions?

It is possible to buy back quarters for periods spent abroad. This must correspond to periods where you worked abroad without being affiliated to a French pension scheme, subject to certain conditions. As with voluntary pension contributions, you must assess the cost and effect that such a buyback would have on your future French pension payments.
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