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Discover the benefits of LifePlan'Expat

You can never be too careful. Opt for our life and income protection plan to  ensure the financial security of your loved ones and maintain your standard of living should anything unfortunate happen to you while you're abroad.

Flexible options

Flexible options

Choose a coverage level to meet your needs from life insurance with accidental/disability options to income protection in $ or €.

High level of protection

High level of protection

Apply for up to €1,000,000 / $1,200,000 life insurance cover with optional income protection.

International coverage

International coverage

Keep your international life & income protection coverage with you if you move countries or visit home.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Benefit from life insurance & income protection until you're 70, even if your health deteriorates.

Our offer

Life insurance cover

Receive a lump-sum of up to €1,000,000/$1,200,000 to ensure the financial security of your family in the event of death or permanent total disability. You can also choose to double this amount in the event of an accident.

Disability benefit (optional)

Opt for a lump-sum of up to €1,000,000/$1,200,000 to cope with unexpected expenses if you become disabled (depending on the degree of your disability).

Income protection (optional)

Get financial support if injury or illness should ever prevent you from working. Our income protection plan will replace 70% of your income in the form of classic daily allowances or short-term / long-term disability benefits (STD/LTD). 

Download PDF

Download PDF


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I opt for life and disability coverage?

Because we know that an accident or illness can entail much more than medical fees, we recommend life and disability cover as well. It guarantees that you will maintain your lifestyle despite work disability or sick leave and avoids any financial stress for your family in the event of death. Life and disability coverage is included in all our comprehensive packages and available à la carte according to the level of coverage you choose.

How much life insurance cover and disability benefit can I apply for?

You can opt for a lump-sum up to €1,000,000/$1,200,000  in life insurance in multiples of €25,000/$30,000. You can also choose to double this lump sum in case you have an accident.
You can opt for a lump-sum of up to €1,000,000/$1,200,000 in disability benefits in multiples of €25,000/$30,000. This lump sum cannot exceed the level of the life insurance lump sum already selected.

How long will my life & income protection plans cover me for?

Your life & income protection plans are automatically renewed each year up to age 70, without you having to provide any further medical evidence. Even if you become ill during this time, you will still benefit from your life & income protection coverage.

Who will receive my life insurance lump-sum benefit in the event of my death?

When you apply for MSH life insurance cover, we ask you to complete a beneficiary form.
Your lump-sum will be directly paid to the person or people that you nominated as beneficiaries in the case of death.

How do the income protection plans work?

Should illness or injury prevent you from earning your living, our income protection plans provide you with a regular daily allowance.
If you opt for classic daily allowances, your payments will start after a selected waiting period of 30, 60 or 90 days for 24 months maximum. If you opt for short-term disability (STD), payments will start after a waiting period of 6 days for maximum duration of 30, 60 or 180 days.
If you opt for long-term disability (LTD), payments will start after a waiting period of 30 60 or 180 days for a maximum duration of 1,095 days.

How much income protection can I apply for?

Classic Daily Allowances                                                                                                          
You can opt for a daily allowance of €25/$30 to €400/$480 per day in multiples of €25/$30 -  limited to one thousandth of your selected life-insurance lump sum.
This daily allowance cannot exceed 70% of your daily salary.
Short-Term Disability (STD) and Long-Term Disability (LTD) Allowances                  
Your daily allowance is set at 70% of the average daily professional income earned during the 12 calendar months preceding the period of sick leave. 
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