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Are you going abroad with a Working Holiday Visa?
Make the most of your experience abroad: neoWHV is covering you!


neoWHV, the insurance plan for young people going on a working holiday.

You are a big fan of k-pop and would like to work in Seoul while discovering all South Korea has to offer? Or you would like to improve your French in Canada? In a word, you are going abroad on a working holiday to step out of your comfort zone?
Quick tip for your administrative formalities: you need insurance to complete your visa application.
Good news! neoWHV allows you to:
  • submit your visa application
  • be covered for any health issues
  • practice your favorite sports (ice hockey, horseback riding, kitesurfing, skiing, etc.)
  • be protected in case of theft of your smartphone, laptop, etc.  

Whether you’re planning an intense several-month experience or a major project of a couple of years at the other end of the world, neoWHV will help you live your adventure abroad to the fullest, knowing that your health, your goods and your travel are protected.

My neoWHV offer

What is neoWHV?

A plan dedicated to travelers under the age of 36

A plan dedicated to travelers under the age of 36

neoWHV has been specifically designed for young adults aged 18 to 35: you purchase your plan directly online and are covered in a few seconds. More time to pack!

Coverage designed for young travelers

Coverage designed for young travelers

Ready for an adventure? We thought about everything! Teleconsultations, sport activities, smart devices, search for a nearby doctor, etc.

A fully digital experience

A fully digital experience

Find your documents and services on your mobile app or in your Members' Area :
- policyholder card
- reimbursement requests
- doctor search by geolocation...

24/7 assistance

24/7 assistance

Expatriate on the other side of the world? We'll never let you down
let you down! We have an emergency hotline available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, to support you whatever your needs.

My advantages

Advantages of neoWHV

Coverage of your favorite sports (standup paddleboarding, canyoning, kitesurfing, etc.)

Teleconsultations covered with no limitation

Valuables (computer, smartphone, GoPro, etc.) covered in some cases

Upper limit for emergency medical expenses: €1,000,000

Certificate of insurance downloadable right away in English!

My benefits

Your benefits in detail


My documents

Download our neoWHV documents

Immediately and without obligation

My personalized rate


Do you have any questions? We have the answer!

What is the neoWHV health insurance and how much does it cost?

neoWHV is the MSH solution dedicated to people going abroad with a working holiday visa and who need insurance, in particular to obtain their visa and be covered during their stay.  
What is the minimum period of enrollment and who can take out the plan?

Any individual of any nationality between the ages of 18 and 35 (inclusive) living in France at the time of purchase and going abroad (vacation, volunteering in humanitarian aid, au pair, etc.) can take out our neoWHV insurance plan, for a duration between 3 and 24 months if you hold a working holiday visa. The plan must be purchased online. 

However, you will be the only person covered as you cannot add any dependents to your plan.
How to obtain a copy of my insurance certificate?

We sent you these documents by email when you enrolled. If you cannot find them, you can contact your Claims department (by email, phone or via the messaging service of your Members’ Area) to ask for a copy. An electronic version of your insurance card is also available in your Members' Area.
How to obtain a copy of my insurance certificate?

You are covered at the earliest on the day after your enrollment. In terms of duration and turnaround times, we advise you to start your administrative formalities as soon as possible in order to have the time to complete all necessary steps (travel and health insurance but also visa application, search for accommodation and for a job, etc.).  
Which countries are eligible for the WHV program with neoWHV?

All countries! neoWHV covers you in all countries for which French citizens are eligible for the WHV: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, South Korea, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Taiwan, Uruguay.
How can I be reimbursed if the airline loses my luggage?

You must submit a claim within 5 working days in the event of lost or damaged luggage. The following supporting documents must be provided to us:
  • List of stolen items specifying the price and date of purchase.
  • Copies of invoices of personal effects showing the date and your name.
  • Certificate of final loss issued by the carrier and details of the compensation paid by the carrier.
  • Air fares.
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Please note that the neoWHV product has been underwritten by the ASFE association.  As a result, when you enroll in one of these plans, you first become a member of the ASFE association.

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