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In 2019, the CFE embarked on a reform of the processing of medical expenses in France. This reform further confirms the CFE's status as a Social Security fund and makes it possible for CFE members to obtain (or keep) a Carte Vitale. This scheme has been opened up to eligible CFE members (see conditions below) who have taken out supplementary health insurance with MSH International.

The advantages:

  1. Option of using a direct billing service in certain cases.
  2. Faster payment of claims.
  3. Secure data exchange (using the health professional’s electronic signature).


Who does this affect?

All eligible members (see conditions below) who return regularly to France for medical care and consultations with their health professionals.


What do you need to qualify for the scheme?

    • A permanent French Social Security number for the principal insured.
    • A valid email address.
    • An address in France (optional) where the Carte Vitale can be sent.


What is the Carte Vitale for?
The Carte Vitale contains all the information required for the reimbursement of medical expenses. By showing it to your doctor, you can be sure of being reimbursed more quickly, without having to submit a treatment form. Answers to any questions you may have about the Carte Vitale can be found in our FAQ.


When will this scheme be introduced?

The service is gradually being rolled out to all our joint members.


To find out more and get all the answers to your questions, you can contact us at
00 33 1 64 14 62 62, from 9am to 5pm (Paris time).