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In order to offer you a real expatriate retirement assistance solution, we have set up a partnership with Equance, an international private management company, specializing in retirement solutions for French abroad.

What is the expatriate retirement value proposition from Equance?

The Equance expatriate retirement assistance solution helps you create a customized retirement strategy as early as possible to ensure you are provided with a regular personal income.
What are the four key benefits of the Equance expatriate retirement assistance services?

1) A real understanding of the expatriate legal and tax environment

Our retirement assistance services are based on an in-depth knowledge of expatriate legal and tax legislation, including identification of the tax system applicable to both pensions and earnings.

2) Expertise in expatriate retirement assistance

With more than 24 years’ experience, Equance consultants can help you carry out a wealth assessment and calculate the level of pension you can expect.

3) Objective, detailed and precise recommendations based on your individual needs

Based on the in-depth analysis of your personal circumstances and needs, we can provide you with wholly independent recommendations for a comprehensive “expatriate retirement strategy”.

4) A close, local relationship to implement the chosen strategy

With more than 45 offices worldwide, Equance is able to provide truly local expatriate retirement assistance services.
What services do we offer?


The expatriate retirement report covers the following in detail:

- Pension rights acquired so far
- Calculation of pension still to be acquired based on the insured member’s circumstances
- Analysis and itemized comparative projection of the various possible scenarios
- Profitability of the various scenarios and our recommendations based on your individual circumstances


Formulation of 2 types of complementary solutions:

- Financial savings investments to help expatriates prepare for retirement (e.g.: for a French national living abroad: life insurance in France and Luxembourg, PEA (equity savings plan), PERP (popular retirement savings plan), Madelin Law, Exchange Traded Funds, etc.);
- A mortgage for the purchase of a property to prepare for retirement, with twin objectives:
  • take advantage of the leverage effect on borrowing
  • benefit from often attractive tax arrangements

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